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Angela's Story

When Angela entered Essex Carers – The Way to Work, she was living in a caravan park in Burnham-on-Crouch, where she cared for her disabled husband. Due to living in France for some time and moving back to the UK, Angela and her husband were unable to be in receipt of any state benefits. Therefore, finding paid work was of paramount importance to Angela and her family, as they had no other means of income.

In addition, Angela and her husband’s accommodations were inappropriate and detrimental to Angela’s husband, who suffered chronic pain of the spine. Furthermore, the seasonal nature of the caravan park meant that they would soon need to move on as the park closed during the colder months. Angela and her husband were then facing an imminent housing crisis too.

With no family or social network nearby, the burden of care fell entirely on Angela. Angela had basic high school qualifications, but needed to update her computer skills. Angela’s goals for the project included finding appropriate accommodation and accessing carers support, such as respite, as well as brushing up on her computer skills so she could find paid employment.

With support from her Keyworker, Angela secured new accommodation out-of-county in Suffolk, where she was put in touch with support groups who could offer advice and a friendly social network. Angela and her husband moved into a Bungalow near Newmarket, which was a vast improvement on the caravan park in terms of access and mobility.

 Angela’s Keyworker also helped her to update her CV, and she felt able to search for employment with confidence. After the move, Angela’s Keyworker referred her on to another BBO project in Suffolk, to ensure her vital support continued.


Angela now receives ongoing support from Opportunity Suffolk, another BBO project, where she can continue to improve her circumstances. The support received from her Keyworker improved Angela’s confidence sufficiently that she began volunteering with Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital, where she continues to improve her confidence and skills. The move to the Bungalow near Newmarket meant Angela and her husband were comfortable and able to focus on the future.

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