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David's Story

David had always worked as an HGV driver in and around Essex, until his wife’s illness 5 years ago meant he had to leave the workforce and care for her. Although David’s wife suffered from Leukaemia and Vascular Dementia, they tried to keep a positive outlook and enjoy life as best they could. However, with his wife’s illness progressing, David knew that he couldn’t support her alone.

David’s wife eventually began attending a day centre, but he found himself with too much time on his hands. With his new circumstances, David felt he could look into finding paid work again and put his skills to good use.

David’s keyworker helped him to write a CV specifically for driving positions, and arranged for him to undertake some IT training to improve his computer skills.

 Sure enough, David soon secured a paid position as a Taxibus Driver in Chelmsford, where he could use his skills and feel more like his old self again.

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