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Michaela's Story

Michaela came to Essex Carers – The Way to Work with big dreams of becoming a Paramedic, no matter how long it might take.


She explained to her Keyworker, Paul, that she was a full-time Carer for her sister, and that she still found time to volunteer in a home for older people with Dementia. Michaela also volunteered with organisations who administered First Aid to people suffering with alcohol-related illness, and enjoyed the challenge of applying care to vulnerable people. With a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome and a mild learning disability, Michaela knew she’d have to work hard and think outside the box to make steps towards her dream role.

Paul sat down with Michaela and they agreed that they wouldn’t let her diagnoses define her outcomes. With this in mind, Paul helped Michaela to identify what she needed from the Project most: to obtain paid work that she would enjoy, and to continue building her skills in administering First Aid. All this needed to happen around her Caring responsibilities for her sister, who would always be a very big part of her life.

Paul and Michaela worked together to build a CV which made her Caring and volunteering achievements shine, and Paul helped Michaela to apply for paid roles in the Care sector. It wasn’t long before Michaela secured an interview for an exciting new role and landed the job.

Next, Paul did some research and discovered opportunities for young people to train with the St John’s Ambulance Service on a voluntary basis. Michaela jumped at the chance and soon secured a place with the ambulance service, where she could kickstart her dream career under the guidance of industry professionals and explore all the possibilities it had to offer.

We wish Michaela the very best of luck in her bright new future!

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