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Sam's Story

Sam was working in a school for Children with Special Educational Needs when her husband suffered a catastrophic stroke. Sam gave up work to take care of her husband, abandoning her career to focus on his rehabilitation full-time.


Despite the fears of Doctors supporting him, Sam’s husband made an excellent recovery to the point where he could attend a gym and gain back some of his independence.

Sam was delighted, but with her husband’s recovery, she now had time to work on her own independence and take her life and career in a new direction.


 That’s when she contacted Essex Carers – The Way to Work. Sam and her husband met with her new Keyworker, Paul, and discussed the barriers she faced when accessing employment. Sam told Paul that she had always wanted to be a Bookkeeper, but her barriers were accessing the training because of the high costs involved.

Paul did some research and found an accountancy course online, which Sam could access from home around her life and caring responsibilities. Sam was thrilled about the course, but funding such an expensive course was still an insurmountable problem. Paul assured Sam that 4SX could help towards funding the course, but he would need to apply on her behalf and there was no guarantee that it could be funded in its entirety.

To the delight of both Sam and her Keyworker, the funding was fully approved – meaning that the cost of the entire Accountancy course was covered. Sam was able to enrol on the course of her dreams and take her career in a whole new, exciting direction, without the worry of financial burden.

We wish Sam the very best of luck in her new career!

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